Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 2 Clean Eating Grandma

Since I was gone from home yesterday from early morning until late at night, I am writing about day 2 on the morning of day 3. That works, right? Yesterday Jeff and I went up north to play with our cute grandkids so their mama could go to a family wedding. For those of you who are not aware, being a grandma is a blast. I highly recommend you get yourself some grandchildren. I tried to make sure I was prepared and took my shakes and things with me. I did think I'd be home by mid-afternoon, which did not turn out to be the case, but I got by.

I read my scriptures and drank my detox tea in the car. No, I was not driving! Reading about Alma and Amulek  gave me so much strength for the day. How thankful I am for the Book of Mormon. My lovely headache flared up again when I woke up, so I had a fizzy stick when we got there and it helped. One thing I need to note, I was hungrier yesterday morning than I expected. But, after my morning shake, I was fine. Can I just say here how much I love my VitaMix? I borrowed my daughter's Ninja blender to make my morning shake and the spinach and coconut oil were quite chunky. Ummmm, not a fan of chunky smoothies! Haha! But I chugged it and lived to tell the tale. Within about 2 hours I was a little hungry again, which I attribute to my grandmothering like a boss. A handful of raw almonds and a lemon fit chew helped a lot and I was good again. It's so great though because my energy stayed really level. I didn't have any peaks and valleys and the hunger was not bad. My headache had calmed and I played store, avoided the hot lava on the living room floor, barked like a seal, cuddled the baby, and colored on the walls of the bathtub and shower all while feeling amazing. By the way, where DO you get those cool bathtub crayons?

That pesky headache returned right as I was leaving and so I drank another fizzy stick as we drove Jeff to work and then I ran back to my mom's which is only 15 minutes from Jeff's office. I made my second smoothie with mom's magic bullet. She didn't have much spinach so I put a lot of parsley in it. This time it was even chunkier and more strange looking. Once again I bravely gulped it down and began to feel better. Two hours later I felt true hunger and ate almonds again and another fit chew. Due to my late night followed by my early morning, I was pretty sleepy by 5, so I stretched out on mom's couch and had a snooze while she read me a pamphlet extolling the virtues of tumeric. 30 minutes later the clock chime woke me up and to my amazement, mom was still reading to me about this extraordinary supplement. Who knew there was so much to say about tumeric?

Now, because I thought I would go home after I dropped Jeff off, I did not have my food for dinner. It's supposed to be a half a plate of greens, with clean protein on 1/4 of the plate and then high quality carbohydrates on a 6th of the plate. At this moment I can't remember what the last thing was supposed to be. Probably a healthy fat. Anyway, Mom didn't have any stuff for that so she let me use her Arbonne shake mix, fiber, greens, and organic frozen berries. I was quite nervous to taste it because my past experience with powdered greens was not good. Whenever I drank them down, they immediately returned the way they'd gone. But, mixed with everything else, I barely noticed them, and that smoothie was quite good. I also ate some more nuts and a fit chew. I picked Jeff up from work at 11 and we drove home. I then understood why they recommend you eat a meal and not just have another shake. I was hungry, it was midnight, and I knew I couldn't sleep being that hungry so I ate a tiny portion of legumes. Now, you're supposed to have 12 hours between dinner and your morning shake, but, you're also supposed to get good sleep, so I hope I made the right choice. By the way, this morning I feel fine and am not as hungry as yesterday, and my headache is gone.

So, I did learn a few things that I will do different next time I'm going to be gone. I will make my shakes at home and take them with me in a cooler. I will either pack food or follow Jocelyn's awesome advice and get a Cafe Rio chicken salad without the rice and dressing but with extra guacamole and extra pico de gallo.  All in all, I feel good about yesterday, but will definitely cleanse and detox better today. I'm so excited to make Jocelyn's chili recipe. I think I will keep that on hand so I can take it with me when I'm on the run.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 1 Clean Eating Challenge

Jan. 4, 2016

Well, here we are in a New Year. My lovely and generous sister, Debbie, is helping me to find a greater level of health and for that I'm truly thankful! So, losing 100 pounds is one thing. Losing the pain in all my joints is something quite different. As I've struggled to maintain my weight loss and to find exercise that doesn't feel like torture to my arthritic joints, I have been led along by my Heavenly Father. Through my own efforts in prayer and study and those of my dear husband Jeff, I have found a few things that seem to help and others that I am hoping will help.

First, I've found a version of Intermittent Fasting, ( I eat between noon and 6 p.m. and fast for 18 hours every day.) that seems to lessen the inflammation in my body, thus reducing pain. This is very hard to do on an ongoing basis when coupled with the lo-carb dieting that I've had to do to keep my weight in check. I find that it is hard to go longer than 2 or 3 weeks before I have a spontaneous break in the action, usually not thought out, and very delicious, but pain and pound inducing. After my trip to Beau and Melanie's the first 10 days of December, I came home in a lot of pain and Jeff told me that he felt strongly that I needed to add green drinks with added protein powder to my diet, possibly 2 a day. I felt he was right, but OH how I've always disliked green drinks and protein powder. I started making them and was drinking 2 a day for about 2 weeks. These consisted of filtered water, spinach, blueberries, whey protein, and soaked chia seeds. These seemed to help me get more energy and after a bit, my pain level started decreasing.

But, Lindi's birthday, Christmas and New Years came along and I found myself eating the treats of the season and not wanting my drink. I also started praying specifically again and asking for guidance. I wanted more knowledge and I wanted to help other people find the answers from Heavenly Father to help them be healthier and happier. This has been my desire ever since I lost the initial 100 pounds. I felt that speaking at BYU Women's Conference was a start, but haven't known where to go from there.

Debbie was talking to me the other day and she offered to help me do the Arbonne Clean Eating Challenge. I prayed over this and while I didn't hear any voices speak to me, I felt that I should proceed and start the challenge with Debbie and Jocelyn (Debbie's awesome DIL). I also felt tons of inspiration pouring in about blogging my experience doing this challenge and doing a podcast after I complete it. Hopefully, I can reach those who Heavenly Father knows I can help.

Today is day one. Of course it is only fitting that I awoke a six a.m. with a pounding headache! It's my sinuses and I decided to forego Sudafed and Excedrin in keeping with this 30 day detox. So this day has been kinda hard to tolerate. The Arbonne shake that I had earlier was a delightful surprise, in that I liked it and it didn't taste yucky like every other protein shake I've had. I'm not going to go into all the reasons Arbonne is so great on this blog. There are places to go and things to read if you want to know about that. This is simply me telling you how it is for me.

So, first thing I did when I woke at six to answer nature's call, was to drink water with my food grade H2O2 drops in it. I do this every day because it keeps away yeast infections and kidney infections, both of which I'm prone to. I buy it at Good Earth. Then of course, I went back to bed, because with a husband working swing and me talking to him when he gets home  till 1 a.m. every night, there's really no good reason to get up that early. I used this opportunity of being awake to read a few chapters in the Book of Mormon and to have my morning prayers. This is the impetus that propels my days, and gives me the strength and power to follow God's plan for me. When I got up for real, I had an Arbonne fizzy stick in about 16 ounces of ice and water. It was quite refreshing. Then I had a cup of Arbonne detox tea which I also enjoyed. Later I had the Arbonne pre and probiotics in water. Around 11, I had my first shake/green drink. I used the Abonne chocolate protein powder, spinach, frozen blueberries, chia, coconut oil and a drop or 2 of Doterra peppermint oil. I mix up the water, spinach, and coconut oil first then add the blueberries and chia and blend until really smooth and then last I turn down the blender speed and mix in the protein powder. I don't like it frothy, so that is why I add it last and mix on a low speed.

I felt really even for a couple of hours and then I had a handful of almonds and a couple of cups of Trader Joe's herbal tea. Later I had a yummy lemon Fit Chew from Arbonne. I've never had those before and they are good. In the middle of the afternoon I felt a little hungry so I had another fizzy stick and then I felt great. I realized that in order to get in 2 shakes and a meal I will need to start my shake earlier tomorrow. So I ate my lunch in the late afternoon and I will have a shake right before 7, when they recommend that I stop eating for the night. In that shake, I will also add my Arbonne fiber blend and I may try the vanilla this time. My food meal consisted of 2 eggs scrambled with unsweetened almond milk, sea salt and black pepper. When they were cooked I cut them up into bite sized pieces and mixed them with a tomato, 1/2 cup garbanzo beans, and a few tablespoons of soaked chia seeds. It was really yummy and satisfying. We don't get paid until Thursday so my meal was invented out of clean eating foods I had on hand.

I know that I didn't get all my timing perfect today, but I did get the eating right and it feels very natural and not torturous. Yay! I'm interested to see how hungry I will feel tomorrow morning. I really want to figure this out so that I can be more active and not have my body ache all night. I think that was the biggest surprise when I got my weight off, that I still had tons of pain. So, the initial inspiration I received on me losing 100 pounds was great and now I'm receiving more light and guidance, line upon line, precept upon precept. It is now 5:24 p.m. and my headache is nearly gone. What a blessing.